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Job Report




Organization and present post:



Remarks 1: The Report should be typewritten in English (12-point font, A4 size paper), and total pages of the report should be limited to 4 pages (not including organization chart).

Remarks 2: Each participant is required to have presentation in 10 minutes based on this Job Report and IAS at the early stage of the training for the purpose of making the training more effective and fruitful by comprehending the situations and problems of the participants each other.

Remarks3:  Please itemize your answer and make them specific.


1.    Energy Situation in your country (up to 1 page)

Primary energy supply mix (circle graph)

Self sufficient rate of energy supply

Final energy consumption mix (circle graph)

Electric power supply mix (circle graph)

Electrification cover rate

Enactment & enforcement situation of energy conservation law &/or regulation



2. Organization and main tasks (up to 1 page)

(1)  Main tasks of the organization



(2)  Organization chart:

Please draw a chart of your organization including the department (section) names with the number of staffs in it and mark where you are positioned.

(The chart should be attached and not be counted in this page limit.)

Please describe a duty of each department (section) briefly.



(3)  Brief description of your assignments.


(4) Explain the relation of your assignments and "promotion of energy conservation in commercial and residential sector"


(5) Problems in your job


3. Expectations for the training course (up to 2 page)

(1)    Your purpose of participating in the course


(2)  Subjects of the course which you are interested in the most


(3) How do you expect to apply skills and knowledge for your problem solving according to listed items in curriculum (in section , page 5) after you return to your home country?


(4)   Other matters which you are expecting to obtain from the course


  (5) Have you ever learned the following subjects in your work?  We want to know your work experience.  Please check either “Yes” or “No”.


If your answer "Yes", please fill in "Years" column as to the length of your application on the respective items.






1)   Energy administration





2) Energy Conservation in Commercial & Residential Sector





3) Energy Management





4) Air Conditioning System





5)Lighting equipment





6) Fun, blower or pump





7) Inverter system





8) Renewable Energy





9) Other


Under “9 Other”, please specify subject associated with energy saving technique,  not covered by any of the items “1” to “8”